Good wine doesn't just happen, somewhere. Its distinctive elements are carefully defined by many elements and influences. The breeze from Pohorje, the slope of Ritozno and the altitude with its varied soil composition give our wines a mineral taste with a full and complex character. Feel the uniqueness of our environment!

Vision of connectedness

We live with nature, which creates the richness of our wine flavours. Sustainable, organic viticulture is an important part of our philosophy. We understand that the highest quality can only be guaranteed by not tampering with nature, but by nurturing it and allowing it to show us its best side. We have been growing pesticide- and herbicide-free vines since 2011, and hand-harvesting is for us the pinnacle of quality in every vintage.

Harmonija - Vizija povezanosti
Ekologija - Bogastvo narave

Nature's riches

For us, "being green" is not just a phrase, but a way of life in which we respect nature and give back to it for all the good it does for us. By working the soil properly, we return the necessary organic matter to the soil and revive the soil's microbial diversity. We also ensure the healthy life of the vineyards with herb crops and clover grass mixtures that provide habitat for insects and other animals.


The evolution of taste

In the vineyards of the Frešer winery, the flavours of the wines are left to the composition of the soil on which the vines are grown. The location of Ritozno - on the slopes of Pohorje - ranges from 320 to 500 metres above sea level. In order to get the most flavour and the most distinctive notes from each vineyard, we have planted the varieties with the most potential. Therefore, the lower, loamy altitudes provide our wine with fruitiness and freshness, while the higher altitudes (lapis and sandstone) enrich the wine with more mineral flavours.

Terroire - Evolucija okusa
Strast - Ročno delo


Handcrafting is the culmination of our passion for wine, which requires constant dedication and love. Our team spends more than 5000 hours a year in the vineyard. The greatest reward for all the effort we put in is the indescribable feeling of holding ripe grapes that enrich our wine with complexity and depth time after time.


The challenge of the future

Every year, grape-growers face increasing challenges to mitigate the effects of climate change and preserve biodiversity. To help avoid potential problems in the future, we have been working with the Agroforestry Institute to test the impact of different tillage and tillage practices, the impact of organic fertiliser application and the optimal timing of the installation of anti-current nets and their impact on the quality of grape ripening and the incidence of diseases.

Sodelovanje - Izziv prihodnosti
Ritoznoj - Vinska zapuščina

Wine legacy

With love and knowledge, the fruits of our vineyards are carefully bottled again each year to allow you to enjoy the wine heritage that we have been developing at the Frešer Farm since 1832.


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