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  • We would like to share our wealth with you. Whenever possible.
  • Our wine means a fortune to us and that is why it deserves to be consumed in an appropriate environment. You can even rent a “safe” in our wine cellar that is more than 300 years old. There you can enjoy our wine and other gourmet delicacies in the very best company of your friends, relatives or colleagues from work.

    You, your friends and the wine of life
    According to oral tradition the fountain in our 300 years old cellar has miraculous powers that refine our wine and have a positive effect on people. As you can see, our wine cellar is special and together with our wine-bank with 15 bank deposit safes we offer you a unique possibility to safely deposit you own wine collection under these miraculous conditions.
    Safes are named after Greece gods in honour of antic Greece that had a tremendous influence on wine production throughout European wine regions. Furthermore, every god has a connection to one of the 15 basic human values that are the same for most people in the world. A god of all gods and people, Zeus, guards all the 15 safes, wine and its characteristics and takes care of other gods - safes that treasure Frešer wine.