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    • Homemade cold cut
    • You will be enchanted with our home made meat. We offer seasonal meat products such as “kranjska” sausage, “pohorska bunka” and dry salami that does good in the rolex replicas evening. For the diversication of product supply imitaciones relojes we offer also homemade sausage of horsemeat and paté with pumpkin seeds as well as pumpkin oil.

      Our homemade specialties go together with Laški and Renski Rizling.

    • For gourmet
    • We also serve delicious “gibanica” with cottage cheese that we also call “loparnica” because it is prepared on an oven peel. It is made of homemade flour and baked in baker’s oven.

      Another speciality is our homemade nut cake or “orehova potica” and “štrudelj” with cottage cheese or apples.

      Sweet, homemade food goes together with white wine. With “štrudelj” you can choose between semi-sweet wine and aromatic wine like “Rumeni Muškat” that charms with its fruity taste and an old tree scent.
      You will not miss if you choose Prudentia’s Laški Rizling ice-wine and combine it with “orehova gibanica. You will be taken over by the flavour of citrus enriched with sugar and overripe grapes.